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The Group was first formed in late 2016 by ex Warrant Officer - Tim Gray, a retired soldier  from the British Army who served with the Royal Artillery.  
It formed because he felt that ExMil personnel were being pushed away from their respective Services Carp Sections / Corp groups and he wanted to have a separate group, which could get together and hold their own socials, events and gatherings in a small, relaxed & friendly way. 
The group has been running since that time, bringing together all Ex-Serving Members of all three Armed Forces (RN&RM, RAF and Army).  If you are out there and in any of the areas listed then you can join us & take part in the fun & events we have on offer each year.
With a solid base now formed, events were being thought about each year and a Forecast of Events (FOE) is compiled to continue each year.
With these events as a starting point, life was certainly looking good for Members of the Group and hopefully the joys of carp fishing could be spread even further.  every member has a role to play to helping raise the profile of EMCG and gaining more members each year.
Kind regards
ExMil Carp Group
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