The group began by running with just a Secretary but as the group has grown so has the need for a 'Committee'.

As the years go past we are sure the Committee will grow even bigger to support all of the paid members, but for now the command positions are as follows:


The Chairman position heads up the group and is normally an 'older' more experienced person who the Secretary can really on and go to for support in upcoming decisions and ways to push the Group forward 


The Secretary is the 'Day to Day' organiser and person who runs the Group.  He/She is responsable for all aspects within the Group and booking venues and organsing all events both for the Group and also outside the Group in other hosted events.


The treasurer is the person who looks after the funds for the group and ensures that all memberships have been taken and renewals are collected at the end of each year (Jan-Dec). 

All committee positions are volunteers and all members should bear this in mind when discussing all aspects of the group and/or events coming up.  They give up there spare time for the good & benefit to you all.

Kind regards



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