Due to the great support of some of the members we have established links to both Tackle, Bait & Venues.
So there is a great opportunity for "Members only" to reap the benefits of their membership and receive some quality goods at reduced prices.
If you are in a situation to provide such a discount then please get in touch with the Secretary to be added to this page and thank you.
Any discount is a great offer so please do not discuss these with other non members or abuse this facility, it is for members only and not available outside of the EMCG.  If the account is abused we will loose it for ALL of us.

NASH Tackle

Forces Carp Classic

Forces Carp Classic (UK)

Baitboat Hire

Fox Tackle

DNA Baits

Army Carpers

RN & RM Carpers

RAF Carpers

Solar Tackle

Mainline Baits

Century Rods

If you have access and wish to help the Members of the ExMil Carp Group then please let me know and I will add the link to your company.  I would ask that all orders go through 'you' to allow us to control their use.


Tim Gray



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