Events Organised

The events for each year will be sorted by the committee who will also decide which venue the event will be held on.
Just some of the events that we will try to featured in our planning are as follows:
a)  ExMil Championships
b)  ExMil v "other" Corps (x 2)
c)  Army Carp Championships
d)  Inter Corps Carp Championships
e)  ExMil Social (x2 Spring & Winter)
It is also hoped that due to fiances and support we will hold further events over a 48hr period, whenever possible. 
Please see the Forecast of Events (FOE) on another tab.
Not all details will be displayed for security reasons but events & months will be available to non - Members.  Whilst full details including dates, Warning Orders (WO) and Admin Instruction (AI) will be available ONLY to paid Members attending those events.
For a Membership Form please apply through the "Membership" tab at the top of the page.
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